vine a tu fiesta vestido de dj shadow

Empezó como una broma en Twitter y luego no pude detenerme. Son #pianomagicvariations, supongo que sólo tienen gracia para los seguidores de Piano Magic.

You can never get Lost (when you got no cable TV).

You can hear the Room of One's Own.

Wrong French Connection.

The unwritten Jude Law.

There's no need for us to be Home Alone.

Sketch for Joan Cusack.

Shot through John Carpenter's The Fog.

The sharpest knife in the drawer of Karin Dreijer.

Utah Saints preserve us.

Saint Marie Gillain.

On Edge (and the rest of frakking U2).

Not Vanity Fair.

The Nightmare on Elm street goes on.

Night of the Hunter S. Thompson.

Music critics won't save you from anything but silence.

Modern Jupiter Thunder Crash.

Love and muzak.

The Burger King cannot be found.

I must leave Boy London.

I came to your party dressed as DJ Shadow.

The drowning of Christopher Nolan.

Deleted My Scenes.

Dark secrets look for Pepsi Light.

Crown of the Lost's season finale.

The canadian brought us Low.

Artists' AK47s.

I have moved into the Twin Shadow.

When I'm done this night will feed me.

You never loved this city. That one is true.

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sr. magnánimo dijo...

Pues no sé de qué carajo trata la broma, pero se ve que se diviertieron mucho :P

Me gusta la de Elm Street :D

Nicolás Díaz dijo...

Y además es algo cierto, ya ves que resetearon la franquicia.

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