towers growing at night

"It´s so strange. You know? Since the quake."
"But they've built it all back now. Haven't they?"
"Sure, but they did it all so fast, mostly with that nanotech, that just grows. Eddie got in there before the dust had settled. Told me you could see those towers growing at night. Rooms up top like a honeycomb, and walls just sealing themselves over, one after another. Said it was like watching a candle melt, but in reverse. That's too scary, doesn't make a sound."

William Gibson, Idoru.

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Sr Oportuno dijo...

Como hongos, pero con un plan.

Recuérdame cuando te vea que te cuente el sueño que tuve sobre unos hongos que cobraban conciencia. Fue hace como dos noches.

Nicolás Díaz dijo...

Eso te pasa por cenar trífido. Cuando caiga por la casa de los hurones me cuentas.